Finding indexed attributes in Active Directory


To find indexed attributed, you need to open the schema management console, and see the properties of the attributes :


As you can see, there is a case ticked named “Index this attribute”, that means this attribute is indexed.

You can repeat that operations on all attributes, or you can use this :

#Indexed Attributes
$dse = [adsi]“LDAP://RootDSE”
$InexedAttSearcher.FindAll() | Select-Object -ExpandProperty Path | % {($_ -split ",")[0]} | % {($_ -split "=")[1]} | Sort-Object


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  1. Here is an alternative last line to your script. The benefit is it shows the attribute names you see in ADUC versus the hyphenated ones.

    ($InexedAttSearcher.FindAll() | Select-Object -ExpandProperty Properties).ldapdisplayname | sort

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