Generate a table with Domain Controllers configuration settings with PowerShell


I wrote a nice script that get 41 (right now) different configuration points on domain controllers.

This script uses WMI, remote registry and ADSI to retrieve all of those information, then, it creates a custom object and writes it to the pipeline.

Here under a list of the different properties retrieved :


The script accepts two parameters :

  • RWDCOnly : Analyses only read/write domain controllers.
  • RODCOnly : Analyses only read-only domain controllers.

By default, the script analyses all domain controllers in the current domain.

Here some examples about using this script :

  • .DomainControllersConfiguration.ps1 | Out-GridView -Title “Domain Controllers Configuration”
  • .DomainControllersConfiguration.ps1 -Verbose | Export-Csv -Delimiter ‘;’ -NoTypeInformation -Path $pwdDomainControllersConfigurations.csv
  • .DomainControllersConfiguration.ps1 -RWDCOnly
  • .DomainControllersConfiguration.ps1 -RODCOnly

You only need PowerShell 2 to run this script.

Let me know if you think I can add more properties to retrieve.

You can download it from TechNet.

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