Get GPResult remotely with PowerShell


You can do a GPresult with PowerShell since PowerShell 2 with GroupPolicy module :

Get-GPResultantSetOfPolicy -Computer Computer1 -ReportType html -Path $pwdGPReport.htm
Invoke-Item $pwdGPReport.htm

You can also produce an XML report, that’s up to you. You can use Get-Help or click here to get the complete help.

If you chose to have an XML report, you can then use PowerShell to read ans analyse it :

#Load the XML file
[XML]$xml=Get-Content .GPReport.xml
#Global informations
#List GPO
$xml.rsop.ComputerResults.gpo | Format-Table -AutoSize
$xml.Rsop.ComputerResults.SearchedSOM | Format-Table -AutoSize


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