Repair Active Directory database when having Blue Screen Of Death 2E2


The other day I experienced a Active Directory database corruption that preventing me to boot up my lab. Because this was a lab, I only had one RWDC, and one RODC, so I couldn’t demote it and promote a new one without losing all my AD infrastructure. You can repair the database with a few line in DSRM :

cd c:WindowsSystem32
Activate Instance NTDS
Semantic Database Analysis

In more serious case, you may want to perform an integrity check and repair if needed (please condiser backup first) :

cd c:WindowsSystem32
EsenTUtl /g C:WindowsNTDSNTDS.dit
EsenTUtl /p C:WindowsNTDSNTDS.dit
#Remove log files
del C:WindowsNTDS*.log

And then, to check your database is fine, you can use :

cd c:WindowsSystem32
Activate Instance ntds

If you want to prevent future BSOD like this one, you may want to havea look at this :

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